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Fun Diving Promotion

Scuba Diving on
Bali Island


from 2 persons, 2 days

Limited Time : 1 Nov - 20 Dec 2022

One person $ 189 USD ~

( Included : lunch, water, tank, weight, boat, instructor guide )

We are currently operating in Bali Island. 
We also hold fun diving and diving courses on Bunaken Island. 

Please contact us if you would like to know more about schedules and fees.

Scuba Dive in Bali and Bunaken Island in Indonesia

We are Goby Divers Manado serving scuba diving in Indonesia.
We guide fun diving, discover scuba diving, diving course, snorkel in Bunaken and Bali island. It is safe and secure because it is serving with a small group.

If you have any questions other than scuba diving, such as boat charter, accommodation reservation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


+62 822-4756-3745

( English & BHS Indonesia)

+62 821-3303-9991

( 日本語 & BHS Indonesia)

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