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Indonesia is an island country consisting of 16,056 islands. Sulawesi is the fourth largest island in Indonesia where we are offering diving services. The small Bunaken island in the north is a longing island that I want to visit once on a diver. It is also famous as a place where coelacanths live. The sea of Bunaken Island has high visibility throughout the year, from big fish to macro living things the type of fish is world class. Wall extending from the sea floor, as if aurora light pours of the sun, such as a flock of dolphins running in parallel with the ship, you may not only be experienced here. How about privately-diving leisurely on a peaceful Bunaken Island with 100% nature and nature?

We are offering daytrip dive without resort hotel.

Active who wants to stay in  Manado and

diving while enjoying city sightseeing, shopping,

local cuisine etc.

Please use Goby Divers Manado. Discover

scuba diving, diving course, snorkel and boat charter are also accepted. Island of the Gods, we have a diving service in Bali island. Please feel free to contact us to us.

Bunaken Island

It is said that Sulawesi island with Bunaken Island has never landed with other islands and continents. As a result, unique evolution has occurred and 79 species of 127 mammals have endemic species found only on Sulawesi. Is there any impact in the sea? Bunaken island is famous as a coelacanth ocean.

Bali Island

Bali is Indonesia's largest tourist destination, a tropical resort boasting tremendous popularity from abroad. The traditional culture that Bali Hindu teaches is the characteristic of Bali. It is an attractive island which is different from Java island with the capital city and Sulawesi island with Bunaken Island. Activities such as diving, spa and shopping can enjoy everything on this small island.

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Suban Carlos

Owner's introduction

PADI, SSI Instructor
Born in Bunaken Island. I played and grew up in the sea since I was little.
Not to mention diving around Bunaken Island,
Bali and Raja Ampat also have guide experience.

"Fun and safe diving! I am keeping in mind.
We are waiting for you in the sea of Indonesia.


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