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Access to Bunaken Island

From Singapore to Manado

Use Scoot

( 3 flights per week )

Bunaken Islands weather

From Manado Port to Bunaken Island, 40 minutes by speed boat!

  9:00 Port of Manado departuer

10:00 1st dive

12:00 2nd dive

13:00 Lunch, After the break 

                               return to port

15:00 Port of Manado Arrive

Dive schedule on Bunaken Island

● FUN DIVES 3 days (2 dive/ day)

 $100 USD Per person  (From 4 peoples)

● Rental Equipment (Full set) $25 USD


Included in the price: lunch, mineral water
* Bunaken Island is a national park, payment of entrance fee 1 day Rp 50,000
there is. There is also a year passport at Rp150,000.

Dive site in Bunaken Island area

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