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Discover Scuba Diving

137 US$~ (2 dives)

Entry Qualifications : from 10 years old and over

Open Water Diver

It is also said to be a C card, the first license to get diving. With this license, the seas around the world can dive anywhere. You can acquire a license in 3 days course.

465 US$~ (3 days)

Entry Qualifications : from 15 years old and over. From the age of 10, there is a Junior Scuba Diver Course.

Advanced Open Water Diver

After acquiring C card, it is the course of those who want to upgrade their technical skills and want to aim pros. There are lots of special courses such as wreck dive, compass usage, neutral buoyancy, deep dive. You can get a license in 2 days.

370 US$~ (2days)

Entry Qualifications : from 12 years old and over.

* Age limit depends on adventure dive.


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EFR (Emergency First Response )

If you encounter an accident or injury, it is a program to learn appropriate measures.

153 US$~ (1 day)

Entry Qualifications : Everyone

Rescue Diver

I will learn about the ability to prevent problems beforehand and coping methods.

362 US$~ (3 days)

Entry Qualifications : Those who have qualifications beyond adventure divers and who have completed EFR can take classes.

Dive Master

Dive knowledge and skills can be raised to professional level. As a leader of divers, we can get a variety of active places.

1850 US$~ ( 2weeks~)

Entry Qualifications : Those who have PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent qualifications. Completed EFR Primary and Secondary Care training within the last 24 months, equivalent to it. Minimum of 40 dives in the logbook are over 18 years old.

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